Crackdown – “Confiscator” Gang Car Locations

1. Modified Hatchback
– Go to
the dome/Diaz boss location. In the small parking area just outside to
the right of the entrance. Can also be found inside the dome towards
the back right.
2. Mod. Sportscar – Same as #1.
3. Mod. Van – Same as #1, but is only found inside the dome just as you enter – next to a big rig.
4. Mod. Saloon – Behind Guerra’s club (boss fight with Guerra) there are 3 levels/tiers of parking. This is on the bottom level.
5. Pony Car – Same as #4, but its kind of hidden to the right of two yellow dumpsters.
6. Muscle Car – Parked outside the entrance of the Garcia boss location to the left of the fountain.
7. Slammed Pickup – Haven’t
been able to find this one without resurrecting the gangs. but i found
it driving on the freeway near the light house, very busy.
8. Lowrider – Same as #7. Must resurrect gangs unless someone else knows otherwise.

1. Luxury Saloon
– Start in agency garage and go through tunnel 2 to Volk. Turn right
and enter the puregy factory/Sovetnik boss location. 4-5 of these are
parked along the road throughout puregy.
2. Popular Saloon
Spawn at "Storage Facility" supply point. Face the oil rig, then head
left towards the building that is connected to the rig by the black
pipe. On the other side of the building is an orange bunch of tubes
that wrap around all the way to the road and continue down the street.
Another way to identify the building is that is has 5 red rings around
it. 2 popular saloons are parked in front of that building facing the
3. Limo – Get on top of the "city coaches" building –
same place as the Biragov boss location – you can tell it by the yellow
roof. Look south towards the oil rig and walk to the end of the roof.
Look down and you will see a fenced-in area with a green building and a
row of covered parking spaces. Should be 2 limos in parking spaces.
4. APC
– Same as #3, but instead of going to where the limos are, just drop
down off the top of the "city coaches" building. (can also be found at
same location as #5).
5. Military SUV – These are plentiful
in the ship/container yard near "The Docklands" entrace closest to the
"storage facility" supply point. To get to that entrance, head
South/Southwest from the storage facility supply point.

1. SUV – (This
vehicle actually looks like a truck) Go to the front entrance of the
Central Point tower. This is the building with the Cowell boss fight
and the elevator – it’s opposite from Wang’s tower. On the ground
level, below the entrance that is patrolled by peace keepers, you will
see a semi-truck and the SUV blocking the road to a small parking area
underneath the tower. Grab the SUV.
2. 6WD SUV – Same as #1, but go past the SUV and semi-truck location and a few of these should be parked just ahead on the left side.
3. Sedan – Same as #1, but go past the SUV and semi-truck location and a few will be parked just ahead on the right side.
4. Limo
Spawn at "The Block" supply point. Head Northeast towards the PCN Expo
Center/Oakley boss location. When you are about halfway to the expo
center, look for the underground entrance that reads "PCN eXpo Center".
The limo is parked just outside the entrance. You should also see the
5. Sportscar – See #4 – parked side by side with the limo.

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  1. mytch says:

    thanks for this guide it rli helpd

  2. Jonathan says:

    You saved me so much time thanks man.

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